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Protect yourself against other players.

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Block Protection

Instead of a plugin like GriefPrevention, Friends Vanilla uses one called PreciousStones. PreciousStones works on a block-by-block basis, meaning when you place a certain type of block, it will protect an area around it. You can see each of these blocks below.

The Redstone Block

A redstone block from Minecraft.

Protected Area: 21x21x21 (10 block radius) (redefinable)

Prevents: Placing Fire, Water Flow, Placing Blocks, Breaking Blocks, Breaking Vehicles, Entering Vehicles, Taking Item Frames, Tnt Explosions, Using Items, Harming Animals, Harming Villagers, Breaking Crops, Accessing Inventories

Limit: 25 per player (upgrade)

Notes: Does not protect against PvP.

The Diamond Block

A diamond block from Minecraft.

Protected Area: 7x7x7 (3 block radius)

Prevents: Player Entry

Limit: 5 per player (upgrade)

Notes: Think of this like a force field that doesn't allow anyone inside.

The Emerald Block

A emerald block from Minecraft.

Protected Area: 11x11x11 (5 block radius) (redefinable)

Prevents: Mob Damage, Mob Spawning

Limit: 2 per player (upgrade)

Notes: Prevents all mob spawning and damage, which makes them super valuable!


If you place your protection while crouching, it will not create the protection and just place the block like normal.

Allow Your Friends

Allowing your friends is as easy at one two three! First, choose if your friend is a coowner or a guest:


Allow a Friend: /ps allow [username] [guest/coowner].

Allow a Friend to All Protections: /ps allowall [username] [guest/coowner]

Remove a Friend: /ps remove [username]

Remove a Friend from All Protections: /ps removeall [username]

Visualize a Protection: /ps visualize

Change the Radius of a Protection: /ps setradius [radius]

Redefine a Field's Bounds:

  1. Shift-left click on the protection block.
  2. Left click on the block you want to be the first corner of your field.
  3. Left click on the block in the opposing corner.
  4. Left click on the protection block.

Only works on blocks that are redefinable.

Inventory Protection

Since Block Protection only protects people within your team (or what you specify), we've also added LWCX. LWCX will auto-protect any inventories you place, such as chests, barrels, furnaces. There are no images for this, however you can see the list of commands below to add friends to your fields!

Public vs Private

The two primary types of LWC protection are:


If you run /cpersist before running any of the commands below, your commands will persist every single time you click on a block. It is useful if you want to remove protection from a bunch of blocks at once: run cpersist and then cremove and click on all the blocks. Run the command again to disable.


When you place an inventory block, it will be automatically protected as private.

When you place an interactable block, it will be automatically protected as public

Remove a Protection: /cremove, then click on the block.

Add a Friend: /cmodify [player]

Remove a Friend: /cmodify -[player]

Add an Admin: /cmodify @[player]