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Band together to conquer part of the server and make your own rules!

The Basic Concept

Teams works through the SimpleClans plugins. The words 'teams' and 'clans' are interchangable.



Customize your team and change members.

/clan invite [player]

Invites a player to join your clan.

/clan accept

Accepts an invite to join a clan.

/clan deny

Denies an invite to join a clan.

/clan alliances

Lists your current clan's allies.

/clan ally [add/remove] [clan]

Adds or remove another clan as an ally.

/clan rivalries

Lists your current clan's rivalries.

/clan rival [add/remove] [clan]

Adds or removes another clan as a rival.

/clan description [desc]

Sets the clan description to show on the website.

/clan roster

Lists all of the members in your clan.

/clan disband

Disbands your current clan. This will delete your clan. There are no refunds if you run this command.

/clan resign

Leaves your current clan. If you are the clan owner, this will delete your clan. There are no refunds if you run this command.

/clan list

Lists all of the clans in the server.

More Information

This page is not a comprehensive list of the features of SimpleClans.

For a more comprehensive feature list, click here to visit SimpleClans's wiki.

* Please note that you do not have permission to use all commands.
* No support is provided by Friends Vanilla for the external wiki.


Community-created teams that span across the server. Check out their memberships below.

Team Pirates (19 Members)

We are Pirates! The friendly kind, though ;) Our base is located at Southeast Spawn and we love to have new people join and build with us. We strive to help others and make playing FV feel welcoming and fun. Pirates life for us.

Allies with Team Firestorm and Team Chaoticals

Team Blizzard (15 Members)

its chilly chillin in this bch im tryna suck firestorm's toes if u get my jizz. shoutout the originals liek darth. errikos, and lb. Fire too i loveyall

Allies with Team Firestorm

Team Chaoticals (6 Members)

Chaoticals is a faction made to maintain the chaos that is levy's "originsSMP". The idea is big builds with a lot of people who like to run around with no thoughts in head. If that sounds like you.... honestly welcome in cause have fun <3

Allies with Team Firestorm and Team Pirates