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Block Protection

Protect your builds and save yourself from mischief.

The Basic Concept

When you place one of the blocks below, it will protect an area surrounding it. What is protected is different for each block.


Diffrent types of blocks have different types of protection.

A redstone block.

The Redstone Block

Protected Area: 21x21x21 (10 block radius) (redefinable)

Limit: 6 per player (upgrade)

Description: This block is the primary protection block. Players are not allowed to build, break, or modify anything in the protected area.

A diamond block.

The Diamond Block

Protected Area: 11x11x11 (5 block radius) (redefinable)

Limit: 2 per player (upgrade)

Description: This block is a force-field block. It prevents players from entering the protected area, and will forcefully eject players who try.

An emerald block.

The Emerald Block

Protected Area: 31x31x31 (15 block radius) (redefinable)

Limit: 3 per player (upgrade)

Description: This block is a mob-protection block. It prevents mobs from spawning and from damaging you. It also prevents PvP, and will heal and feed you.

A netherite block.

The Netherite Block

Protected Area: 101x51x101 (50 block radius)

Limit: 1 per player (upgrade)

Description: The same as the redstone block, but protects a much larger area. Good for mega builds or big projects.



Using commands lets you allow others into your fields such as friends so you can collaborate!

/ps allow [player/c:team] coowner

Allows the given player or team to your field.

/ps remove [player/c:team]

Removes the given player or team from your field.

/ps visualize

Visualizes the field you're currently standing in.

/ps counts

Lists the amount of fields you have placed and what your limits are.

/ps info

Lists information about the field you're currently standing in.

/ps [hide/unhide]

Hides or unhides the protection field you're currently looking at.

/ps [disable/enable]

Enables or disables the field you're currently standing in.

More Information

This page is not a comprehensive list of the features of PreciousStones.

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