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Creative World

Plan your builds or just have fun in creative mode!

The Basic Concept

Claim plots, build on them, customize them, and delete them.

Visit the Creative World

Visit the creative world at spawn by entering the portal...

The creative portal at spawn.

...or you can use the /warp creative command.

Claimed vs Unclaimed

Unclaimed plots have a bedrock outline, whereas claimed plots have a deepslate brick outline.

Unclaimed plot outline. Claimed plot outline.


Customize your plot and make it your own. Allow others to build.

/plot help

Lists all the plot commands.

/plot claim

Claims an unclaimed plot when flying over it

/plot auto

Claims the nearest unclaimed plot.

/plot [add/remove] [player]

Adds or removes a player from building in your plot.

/plot delete

Unclaims and deletes your plot.

/plot info

Displays information about a plot like who owns it.

/plot merge

Marges multiple plots together. Claim both plots, look at the plot you want to merge to, then run this command.

/plot middle

Teleports you to the middle of your plot.

More Information

This page is not a comprehensive list of the features of PlotSquared.

For a more comprehensive feature list, click here to visit PlotSquared's wiki.

* Please note that you do not have permission to use all commands.
** No support is provided by Friends Vanilla for the external wiki.