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Welcome to Friends Vanilla!

Friends Vanilla is a vanilla-based Minecraft server that has one goal: stay online for a lifetime.


Our goal to stay online for a lifetime isn't a lie. Even after you've moved on from Minecraft or forgotten that it's a game, we want to ensure that you always have something to come back to. Meet new friends, make new experiences, and once you've moved on, we'll still be here waiting for the day you come back.

While this server does have plugins, we try to stay as true to vanilla Minecraft as possible. This means that we modify our plugins to fit in with the 'vanilla Minecraft experience.' Changing messages, hiding or disabling features, and customizing plugins are just some of the few ways we try to make this server stand out from other ones!

Don't be afraid to dream big, either! With only a few protection limitations, there are almost no paywall limitations on what you can do. As long as you're following the rules, you can do everything you could do in a singleplayer world but with your friends around!

Fire's Farm

Getting Started

  1. To get started, first read the rules so you don't get in trouble.
  2. Then, read the protection tab to prevent grief to your base.
  3. Finally, read the teams section to join other players in their adventures too.
  4. Optionally, read the sections below to get more info on different things you can do.

Discord ↔ Minecraft

In our Discord, we have linked the #chat channel to the Minecraft chat. To take part in this awesomeness, as well as to access other channels in the Discord server, please link your Minecraft and Discord accounts by running /tdl link [username]. If you do not provide a username, it will try and find a user with a similar/the same username as your Minecraft username.


Friends Vanilla has different worlds you can visit. Just run the /hub command in any overworld to get to the world hub and walk into any of the portals to switch worlds.


A builder is a person who has submitted and completed the form below. You can only become a builder if you are good at building, agree to follow the rules, and are willing to work with the moderators and server owners in situations that you might be needed.

Click here to see if you're ready to become a builder.

Notable Members


The administrators are the owners of the server, helping maintain, setup, and manage the server and the equipment behind it.

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The moderators help players have a good experience by preventing others from breaking the rules.

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These members were invited to the server all the way back when it was whitelist & friends-of-friends only.

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Beta Testers

These members joined the server while it was still in beta-testing and helped find bugs and issues.

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